Pinterest And Shopify For E-commerce Success!

Hi friends,

Earlier this week Kyle and I sat down to discuss Pinterest and Shopify and how they can be used together for e-commerce success. This is a follow up to our previous blog article, How Shopify Site Owners Are Getting Massive Traffic From Pinterest. Here's the video and a minute-by-minute overview as well. (Note: the video player has a volume control button in the bottom right corner - click it "on" to hear the audio).

 2:00 Updated Pinterest Facts For January 2018

3:04 Pinterest Users Using It As A Wishlist

3:45 93% of Active Pinners use Pinterest to plan purchases

4:49 Jason's journey with Pinterest Marketing that led to setting up and write Pinterest Power

7:45: How Pinterest fits into current marketing strategies for 2018

8:35: Pinterest Compared To Facebook - considering the time invested

9:35: How much referral traffic does Pinterest send to websites? (big number)

11:22: How Pinterest is uniquely different than other social sites, content half-life.

13:20: How long will your activities on social media benefit you?

13:47: Why is Pinterest so good at sending referral traffic? (social actions)

17:03: How to find people who are crushing it on Pinterest to learn form them

17:56: How Pinterest can improve your eBay auction views

19:01: How Pinterest became the fastest growing website in history

21:25: Understanding the power of the majority female audience on Pinterest

23:25: The common mistakes e-commerce sellers make on Pinterest

24:25: Can you get huge results from Pinterest without even setting up a Pinterest account? (Yes!)

25:10: How websites are set up well for Pinterest (or not)

25:48: The four factors the Pinterest Algorithm looks for to determine if they'll show your pin broadly or not.

27:20: The main ingredients of an e-commerce site that is successful on Pinterest

28:12: How to make your blog Pinterest friendly

29:31: Why does Amazon require a white background on the main image?

31:50: How to structure your Pinterest Pinboards for e-commerce success

34:20: Exploring the effectiveness of Promoted Pins (Advertising on Pinterest)

35:52: The magical part of Promoted Pins Advertising

37:10: The Leda Art Supply Promoted Pin results

38:00: How to use Pinterest for social contests to magnify outcomes

 39:30: Pinterest and Shopify for e-commerce baby steps to get started

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41:25 Social Contest Blueprints Relaunch coming up

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Thanks for considering how best to use Pinterest for your e-commerce efforts and listening to our perspective on it. 

We truly wish you all the very best in your online selling efforts,

Jason & Kyle

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