3 Reasons Blogging Is Awesome For E-commerce

Hi friends,

Recently Kyle and I sat down and had our second in-depth conversation about blogging for e-commerce, (this month's in-depth training topic for our Inner Circle program). In this video we discuss:

  1. The 3 core reasons blogging is awesome for an e-commerce business.
  2. The 4 largest sources of referral traffic on the Internet and how blogging supports them.  
  3. The #1 reason blogging is amazing for e-commerce - The half life of a socially created traffic asset.
  4. How to get into "flow" as a writer to blog faster.
  5. Why blogging for e-commerce is not as flashy and popular as other marketing topics, (but how that is a big newbie mistake).
  6. What you get when you move fast without experience.
  7. Understanding the probability of success with your marketing efforts.
  8. How the time investment vs. money-investment choices work.

Join the conversation now...

I sincerely hope. you'll take the time to implement a blog in support of your Shopify and/or e-commerce efforts. It will pay you back for years to come.

Honored to be of help on your journey,

Jason & Kyle

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